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Introduction to Christianity Mini-Course with Professor Angela Franks

  • Abigail Adams Institute Office 14 Arrow Street Cambridge, MA USA (map)

How does one introduce Christianity to a world riddled with unbelief? Joseph Ratzinger explains Christianity today using an old German nursery story about “Clever Hans,” who exchanges the heavy lump of gold that bothers him for a horse, then a cow, a pig, a goose, and eventually a whetstone, which he finally chucks into the river—gaining, so he thinks, “the precious gift of complete freedom.” Have we exchanged a difficult but yet precious gift (Christianity) for an illusion of freedom, while the original gift was actually the means to true freedom? In this book, Ratzinger attempts to reburnish the gold of Christianity through his penetrating intellect and clear style. This five week mini-course will work its way through this book and thereby touch on the key themes in Christian theology, focusing on the doctrine of God and of Jesus Christ. Week One will be an introduction to the Introduction, titled Doubt, Belief, and Faith.