Annual Lecture

Each year the Abigail Adams Institute hosts a public lecture meant to introduce arguments and speakers who can expand the philosophical horizons of our audience and have them reimagine the intellectual and cultural possibilities of the present. 


2018/2019 - Dr. Peter Berkowitz, John Stuart Mill's Liberal Education

It is increasingly rare for colleges and universities to explain to students the purpose, structure, and content of liberal education, let alone provide one. John Stuart Mill's writings on liberty of thought and discussion, Socratic inquiry, and the aims and substance of liberal education provide an excellent introduction to the subject and illuminate the importance to liberal democracy in America of the reform of higher education. 

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2017/2018 - Dr. James Piereson, Genesis of Trump: The Cultural Legacy of the '60s

The year 1968 included two major assassinations, violent protests in big cities, upheavals on college campuses, a riot at the Democratic National Convention, all the while an unpopular war was raging in Vietnam. In this tumultuous atmosphere the country saw clear divisions between liberal and conservative culture. Fifty years later, Dr. James Piereson reflects on this division to explain the unexpected outcome of our country's most recent presidential election.

2016/2017 - Ryszard Legutko, The Demon in Democracy

An examination of the current challenges to the democratic project in the European Union and the United States.