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Saints, Heretics, and Atheists: Living with Religion

A panel and discussion on religion and religious life:


Father Patrick J. Fiorillo, Harvard Chaplain

Professor Carl Sharif El-Tobgui, Professor of Arabic and Islamic Studies, Brandeis University

Rabbi Michelle Fisher, Jewish/Hillel Chaplin MIT

Reverend Margery Kennelly, Harvard Chaplin 


Have you ever wondered why Catholic priests can't marry. What Ramadan is all about? Do wonder what is it like to live as a Rabbi or to worship as an Episcopalian? Or do you have more philosophical questions? Do you wonder what contemporary theists think about the problem of evil? What their views are on free will, moral responsibility, divine foreknowledge, and the effects of prayer? Then please join us for a discussion of religion and religious life with a distinguished panel of guests in the Winthrop House Senior Common Room. All members of the Harvard community are welcome. Delicious, catered treats will be provided!   

This discussion is being offered through the cooperative effort of Culture and Belief 31: Saints, Heretics and Atheists  - A Historical Introduction to the Philosophy of Religion, The Harvard Program in General Education, The Abigail Institute, and Winthrop House. Please consider joining us for a second panel discussion on atheism and secular life on April 17th, 7pm, Winthrop House Senior Common Room, featuring Greg Epstein, Daniel Dennett, and Sasha Sagan.