Events -  Fall 2017

Photos and information from select past events

What are the Humanities for? - September 7th


Launch of  The Great Conversation - September 13th


Launch of Caffeinated Conversation - September 21st


Abigail's Authors: The Anglo American Tradition of Liberty: A View From Europe

by Prof. João Espada - September 21st

Student Scholar Presentation: Cleaning off the Rust - October 10th

Abigail's Authors: The Wisdom of Finance

by Mihir Desai - October 12th

Launch of The Language of Cinema - October 30th

Abigail's Authors: Cheap Sex

The Transformation of Men, Marriage and , Monogamy

by Mark Regnerus - November 2nd

Integrating Knowledge: The Role of Statistics in Other Disciplines

November 13th

Arguments in Architecture - November 16th

Metaphysics & Metascience Seminar - November 29th & 30th


- Select Co-Sponsored Events - 2017 - 

Conference on John Adams

Optimal Work: The Ethics of Working at Your Best - Novemeber 21st

Tikvah’s Great Jewish Essays & Ideas Podcast - Prof. Jon D. Levenson - November 29th