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Above: Adolph Menzel's "The Iron Rolling Mill" - 1875


-Past Presentations-

Cultural Heritage in Armed Conflict - How An Evolving Political Concept Can Redefine Just War`

-Dr. Esha Senchaudhuri

Friday November 9th

Michel Henry's Philosophy of Work: Labor Between Life and the World - Jeff Hanson PH.D

Human Flourishing Program at Harvard, Research Associate in Philosophy

Friday October 26th

Winston Churchill’s “The River War” - Dr. James Muller

Department of Political Science, University of Alaska Anchorage

Friday October 12th

Patterns of Lawmaking during Crisis - Dr. Wolf von Laer

Friday, September 7th 


Hume, Kant and The National Economy - Fr. Jeffrey Langan Ph.D.

Friday, April 6th at 12:15pm at Our Offices

Fr. Jeffrey Langan Ph.D. was ordained a priest in 2015, however, prior to his vocational shift he taught at Notre Dame and was later appointed the Chair of the Department of Liberal Studies at Holy Cross College at Notre Dame. He holds two Ph.D.s in political theory and has published a book on the influence of the French Revolution on pivotal thinkers such as Immanuel Kant and John Adams and has a forthcoming book on Pope Pius VI and his confrontation of the French Revolution.

In this talk (below) Fr. Langan guides us through the history of political economy from the perspective of Heinrich Pesch S.J.