Upcoming Events

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Thursday, March 22nd at 5:30pm

our offices: Suite G10, 14 Arrow Street

Is Censorship Required to Make the Internet Good? - Exploring G.K. Chesterton and Martha Nussbaum

Saturday, March 24 AT 6:00PM

our offices: Suite G10, 14 Arrow Street

Please join us for dinner, a movie and discussion as we continue our series on the art-form of cinema with our first action movie of the series "Raiders of the Lost Ark" 


Friday, April 6 at 12:15pm

our offices: Suite G10, 14 Arrow Street

What are the origins and purposes of wealth? What about the wealth of a nation? How does the prosperity of peoples and persons relate to wealth augmentation? Is free trade the best path to universal opulence and the common good? Where, and why, did the American and German state-building trade policies diverge from the British model? Can some of the observable differences in the traditions of political economy be traced back to the social philosophies of Hume and Kant?

To RSVP and receive the readings please email Desmond@aaicambridge.org

Monday, April 9 AT 7:30PM

our offices: Suite G10, 14 Arrow Street

Victor Mezacapa IV, a Student Fellow with the Institute, majors in Classical Languages & Literatures at Harvard College and will be sharing insight from his senior thesis concerning Cicero's De Officiis